Bare-Handed Kosovo Serbs Battle NATO

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Bare-Handed Kosovo Serbs Battle NATO

By Vojin Joksimovich, Ph.D.

Modern Tokyo Times

On September the 16th NATO forces, overstepping their UN Security Council (UNSC) mandates, amid tensions on the administrative border between Serbia and the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo, have fired the first shots at bare-handed Kosovo Serbs in the village of Zupce. The Kosovo Serbs have erected barricades, in a life or death situation, to defend themselves against the Muslim Albanian onslaughts which desire to forcefully incorporate northern Kosovo into the US/EU created Republic of Kosovo, an amputated province from the Republic of Serbia. The Albanian police, aided and assisted by NATO’s KFOR, have taken over two border crossings: Jarinje and Brnjak. The Albanian customs officers, aided and abetted by EU’s EULEX mission in Kosovo, have established their control over the border crossings.

UNSC Emergency Session

After debating for hours behind closed doors the UNSC decided to bury its head in the sand. It came out with a timid call for “restraint” by all parties. Russia’s UN ambassador Vitaly Churkin informed the journalists that Russia proposed a brief to-the-point statement that called on “Belgrade, Pristina and all other sides involved to resolve all outstanding problems through dialogue.” Even this benign statement was unacceptable to the Western powers of the US, GB and France despite escalating tensions. Churkin expressed concern that the international peacekeepers appear to be siding with the Albanians. Serbian foreign minister Vuk Jeremic made it clear that the entire EU proposition playing the mediating role in the dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade may be put in question. “So this sudden departure from the path of dialogue at the moment when it was beginning to show some promise, in our view, is completely unjustified, unwarranted and very dangerous.”

NATO Statement

NATO’s Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen called the situation “a big setback,” and urged all sides to stay within the framework of dialogue. “Let me be very clear: there can be no turning back. NATO has spent 12 years ensuring stability and security. We will not allow that achievement to be put at risk.” This is a text-book example of Western hypocrisy. NATO has been siding with the Albanians since day 1 in Kosovo in violation of the UNSC Resolution #1244. The so called international community wants Kosovo sovereignty on all of its territory despite the fact that Kosovo Serbs in the north are de-facto already broken away from Albanian-run Kosovo due to parallel institutions and absolute determination not to be harassed by the Albanian criminal gangs in Pristina.

Serbian Kosovo Mayor

On September 16 deputy mayor of Zvecan, Miodrag Acic, visited the UNMIK office in Zvecan to discuss the present crisis. Acic stated that Serbs have clearly defined who they are, born in the Serbian Province of Kosovo and Metohija, not so called Kosovars, with a rich identity of more than 1500 years old and who have a love of their culture, language and traditions. Serbs have survived all of the invasions and occupations which befell them in the last 1500 years. Serbian culture and heritage is all over Kosovo despite the fact that Albanians are trying to destroy it. He pointed out to a lack of toponyms, whose origins could be found in the Albanian language. There are, however, Islamic and Turkish toponyms due to the 500 year occupation. Now the Kosovo Albanians with help from US/NATO, with disproportional use of force, are trying to steal our history, our toponyms, our land, our language and are making the last try to expel of us. Acic pointed out and named international officers who side with the Albanians and disregard international law and use instead the Kanun of Leke Dukagjini, set of traditional Albanian codes.

Acic went on: “The situation of our Serbian brothers in the south is difficult, they are being harassed by the Albanian Police, when they go to the Public institutions the Albanians disregard them, ignore them and insult them, there is no Serbian curriculum in their schools, there are no returns because there is an ongoing intimidation campaign against the Serbs, they are surrounded by Albanians who cut their electricity, the water, the services to make them accepting Kosovo Albanian institutions, under the eyes of NATO, international NGOs that are supposed to defend the human rights as they say, they all were compliances and even worst implementers of the Albanian racist policies.” Indeed who cares about the plight of not yet ethnically cleansed 100,000 plus Kosovo Serbs? Do they care in Washington, Brussels or even Belgrade?

Belgrade (Vichy Serbia) and Kosovo Serbs

In my June 13 Modern Tokyo Times article Vichy Serbia Sends War Hero to his Death, I have explained the term Vichy Serbia I have been using. It stands for the current Serbian government which follows the Vichy France model. They have become vassals or quislings supported by mentors in Washington and Brussels. They desperately want their capital to be Brussels rather than Belgrade. President Tadic has for years been brainwashing the Serbs to believe that Serbia has no alternative but to join the EU even if Serbia has to wait until 2019 or 2021. In a recent speech he corrected himself somewhat that Serbia has no “better” alternative. I have been arguing for years now that a “better” alternative is an association with the BRIC countries. South Africa has done it this year.

In order not to jeopardize the EU membership aspirations, the Vichy Serbia is gradually abandoning 100,000 plus Kosovo Serbs. Of course they have to be careful as 2012 is the election year. Hence, they are hoping to obtain the EU candidate status this year without recognizing Kosovo but are fully aware that they would have to do it in order to become members. The Belgrade political elite sees themselves as Europeans, not Serbs, as illustrated at a September 14-16 security conference called Balkan and Global Security in Belgrade which was opened by president Tadic and sponsored by the Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence, Belgrade Center for Security Policy and the European Movement in Serbia.

Russian Ambassador: “Are there any Serbs in this Room”

Russian ambassador to Belgrade Aleksandar Konuzin asked for permission to speak at the above mentioned security conference after the Russian Federation was characterized as a destabilizing factor in the Balkans, which defends Serbia by pursuing own interests. This factor was edited out by 90% of the Belgrade regime media, which characterized the ambassador as a scandal-master.

Ambassador Konuzin said he was puzzled that at this moment, when KFOR/EULEX were transporting the Albanian police and customs officers in violation of the UNSC Resolution #1244 and November 1998 decision, not a single question addressed that issue. “Are there any Serbs in this room? Do you care about the destiny of your compatriots? Russia will defend your national interests together with your foreign minister, while NATO and EU countries will be opposing your national interests. You couldn’t care less for what is happening in your country. Not a single question.” Konuzin said that Russia has interests but who doesn’t but then he recalled that Russian volunteers came to defend Serbia in 1999 without the approval of the Russian government.

In Belgrade the phones were ringing off the hook to praise the ambassador after the patriotic Serbs figured out what transpired at the conference. The internet pages of the Serbian media were inundated with comments praising the ambassador. On Facebook I thanked the ambassador and asked Russia to continue protecting the Kosovo Serbs as the Vichy government in Belgrade will not.

Second Kristallnacht in Kosovo?

In many of my writings, including the book Kosovo is Serbia, I have quoted Mary Walsh’s book Hiding Genocide in Kosovo: A Crime against God and Humanity. Is another genocide or ethnic cleansing of Kosovo Serbs in the making? According to the Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung the Bundeswehr is sending two armored vehicles with a water gun to follow in order to remove the Serbian barricades. Serbian political analyst Milovan Drecun claims, perhaps alarmingly, that Albanian ROSU special forces are being deployed and that the American Apache helicopters are being ready for action. Eye-witnesses have localized 80 mercenaries from Albania and Macedonia. These sounds like the second round of the Kosovo Kristallnacht, the first took place in March of 2004?

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