Syria condemns America for supporting terrorism: failed states, terrorism and Islamism

Syria condemns America for supporting terrorism: failed states, terrorism and Islamism

Murad Makhmudov, Boutros Hussein, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The secular government of Syria is facing an uphill struggle to preserve its independence because of the international funding of terrorism, sectarianism, sending covert operatives, liquidating state officials by murky “hidden hands,” and now nationalism is also going to be used by trying to manipulate the Kurds. At the same time the media war; manipulation of social media which gives prominence to the agenda of America, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar; using proxy human-rights organizations; and other factors related to economic sanctions and so forth, is in full swing. Therefore, you have an alliance which includes America, Al Qaeda, France, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and others, which are using all possible means available in order to crush independent Syria.

It is abundantly clear that fresh massacres coincide with the support of international terrorist networks, covert operatives, increased funding of the mercenary Free Syrian Army (FSA), and other means which are being instigated. This notably applies to the role of the mass media, social network systems, manipulation of the United Nations, and so forth in order to destabilize Syria. Even from a neutral point of view it is clear that massacres by the government side serve no purpose whatsoever but they provide enormous propaganda opportunities for the enemies of Syria. More important, the military of Syria is protecting all Syrians irrespective of religion and ethnicity but the FSA, various terrorist networks, covert operatives, and other forces, are laying siege to the military of Syria in built up areas in the full knowledge that civilians will be killed.

This means that the FSA and various other terrorist networks have no qualms in starting military offensives and attacks against the army of Syria in built up areas. The reports of Christians and other minorities fleeing FSA areas aren’t reported to any degree because it doesn’t serve “the outside agenda.” These minorities are fleeing to areas under the full control of the Syrian army whereby their rights are guaranteed.

It is clear that Saudi Arabia which supports killing apostates and which won’t allow one single Christian church isn’t going to be alarmed by this reality. However, why are the nations of America, the United Kingdom, France, Lebanon, and many others, remaining relatively quiet about this?  Similarly, many human rights organizations appear to be ignoring the reality of what happened in Iraq and Libya respectively.

This applies to the religious cleansing of Christians, Shabaks, Yazidis, Mandaeans, and others, from many areas of Iraq. These refugees fled to Syria in order to escape radical Sunni Islamic terrorist networks and other dark forces. However, the same refugees who stayed in Syria now see the same terrorist organizations spreading sectarianism in this land. Yet this time the Al Qaeda networks are openly/covertly being supported by America, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Kingdom, France, Turkey, and other nations involved in the destabilization of Syria.

In Libya the systematic massacres of Gaddafi loyalists and black Africans is well documented because many massacres were caught on video. This applies to the lynching and beheadings of black Africans and systematic torture of anyone deemed to be connected with the past government. Since the new forces took power you just have various militias, torture chambers, and no control over “dark forces” which are a far cry from the phrases used by political leaders in America, the United Kingdom, and France, related to democracy and justice.

Therefore, with so much carnage in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and the systematic persecution of Orthodox Christians in Kosovo, it is clear that democracy, religious freedom, female emancipation, and so forth, wasn’t on the agenda. On the contrary, the rights of non-Muslim religious minorities and women have suffered in Iraq and terrorism is an ongoing reality. At the same time this nation is basically a Kurdish dominated north and a patchwork of power bases related to sectarianism and regionalism.

In Afghanistan meddling by outside nations meant that Sunni Islamic terrorist networks were created and a dangerous ideology was spread by nations like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. After September 11 and the attack against America, former terrorist and Islamist allies now became enemies. However, Pakistan maintained its past policies which had been supported by America in the 1980s and 1990s. The upshot of all this meddling was the destruction of more “positive forces” which desired female emancipation, breaking the chains of feudalism, and to modernize society. Instead, after trillions of dollars spent you have a weak Afghanistan blighted by terrorism, females are in chains in many parts of the country, and tax payers in America support a corrupt Karzai government which supports apostate laws against Christianity.

The constant failure of outside meddling is now turning against Syria which is at a loss to why so many forces are spreading carnage to this nation. This applies to sectarianism, terrorism, economic blockade, and destroying the fabric of society wherever the Sunni Islamists are – along with the terrorist and mercenary FSA. Of course, the FSA, just like the organ and terrorist tainted Kosovo Liberation Army and the opposition against Gadaffi – were not created over night because ratlines had been planned well in advance.

In an article published by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) the writer comments that An official source at the Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that the US administration is continuing its blatant interference in the internal affairs of Syria, its open support for terrorists, covering up terrorists’ crimes, distorting facts about Syria at the UN, and extorting countries and the international community to beleaguer Syria.”

Further down in the same article it is stated “The source affirmed that those who support armed groups and provide them with funds and weapons and cover up their crimes are directly complicit in the shedding of Syrian blood, no matter what statements they make.”

“The source said that the plan of UN Envoy to Syria Kofi Annan demanded the cessation of violence by all sides, but the armed groups backed by the US and its pawns in the region who voiced doubts over this plan since the beginning had been working to breach the articles of this plan.”

It is reported that Saudi clerics are increasing their hatred of secular Syria by funding radical Sunni Islamic ideology and terrorism. According to sources some of the clerics implicated include Saad al-Bureik, Muhammad al-Arefe, Salman al-Odah, and others. Also, it is claimed that some clerics from Saudi Arabia and Qatar are calling for the death of Bashar al-Assad and the need to create a fundamentalist Sunni Islamic state. This Sunni Islamic state will persecute all religious minorities and the role of women will be threatened by the objectives of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, if everything is materialized. Also, mainstream Sunni Muslim leaders would be threatened by the dangerous ideologies emanating in both Saudi Arabia and Qatar because their liberal version is deemed un-Islamic.

The war on terrorism under former President Bush junior led to folly in Iraq because the ratlines led back to Saudi Arabia. Similarly, American forces have been killed by Saudi Arabian terrorists in Iraq. Meanwhile, in Afghanistan many American troops have died while their national government supports Pakistan, which in turn openly protects the same forces killing American troops. Of course, this is tolerated because not enough members of the American public seem to raise this issue.

Under President Obama you appear to have a schizophrenic approach whereby the United States is on the same side of Al Qaeda and other Sunni Islamic terrorist organizations in Libya and Syria. At the same time America is hoping for reconciliation in Afghanistan with the Taliban but given the fact that American troops will pull out of this nation, then clearly the Taliban doesn’t need to listen. While in Yemen and north Pakistan you have drone attacks to take out Sunni Islamists. This confusing policy means that former enemies in Iraq now share a similar goal in Syria. However, the Shia dominated government of Iraq is opposed to the support of terrorist ratlines against secular Syria because they know that the same ratlines will turn their new power base against Iraq.

In the midst of all these political shenanigans and opposing forces you have innocents who have been killed in their hundreds of thousands in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria respectively. Alongside this the marginalization of women and persecution of non-Muslim minorities increased dramatically and secular legal systems became Islamized in Afghanistan and Iraq. Therefore, the upshot of all this is weakened nation states, the spread of radical Sunni Islam by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, reduced rights for women, ongoing terrorist problem, the fleeing of non-Muslim minorities, the demise of secular forces, terrorist attacks against the Shia, and other negative forces.

The government of Syria is the last powerful Arabic speaking and secular nation in the entire Middle East. Therefore, with the radical Sunni Islamic agenda on the cards by Saudi Arabia, the desire of Israel to crush its main nearest enemy, and with America hoping to reduce the regional influence of Iran in tandem with Saudi Arabia and Israel; then the situation looks extremely bleak for Syria given the forces against this nation.

This meant that once “a vacuum” was opened by “outside forces” the destabilization of Syria would begin because the ongoing chaos throughout the Middle East meant “opportunism” for powerful forces against Syria. Of course, Israel and Saudi Arabia just happen to escape all the chaos – not surprisingly – and now secular Syria is being turned into an “international conflict” whereby this multi-religious and secular nation faces the combined “dark forces” of many enemies.

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