US and Japan: Continuing Pet Care for Cats across Continents

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US and Japan: Continuing Pet Care for Cats across Continents

Jess Kosinski

Modern Tokyo Times

People always say that dogs are “man’s best friends.”  However, cats often don’t get the credit that they deserve.  After all, they are cute and cuddly.  They have plenty of personality and they also know how to show their loyalty.  In fact, cats have been known to alert home owners to gas leaks, fires and even intruders.  Maybe that’s why people these days are investing more time and money in pet care for cats.

Cat pet care in Japan and the USA is on the rise.  In fact the two countries, although they are on completely different continents, have a lot in common when it comes to pet care.  For example, both countries have made leaps and bounds as far as the quality of their pet food.

Longer Lives:

In fact, although it may not be true that cats have nine lives, most cats are certainly living longer.  Some of that can be attributed to the great food they are eating.  Some can also be attributed to advances in veterinary science.  In fact, researchers in Japan are making huge strides in reducing feline kidney failure, which is one of the leading killers of cats over the age of 10.

As cats are living longer, companies all over the world, especially in the US and Japan, are developing new ways to help them live out their years in comfort and happiness.  Everything from prosthetic legs to foods meant specifically for elderly pet care is now available.

Interesting Pet Services:

Regardless of the age of your cat, you need to be aware of all of the cat care services out there.  For example, it’s a common misconception that it is a good idea to leave your cat alone, if you are only going out for a few days.  At the very least, you should hire a pet sitter to check on your feline friend.  After all, like dogs, cats need water and food regularly.  They also need companionship.  The ancient Egyptians treated their cats like royalty and most cat owners would agree that their cats deserve it.

Therefore, no matter what country you live in, if you are planning to go away, consider giving your cat the stimulation and socialization that it needs.  There are plenty of sitters and boarding facilities to take your cat to.  In fact, thanks in large part to the internet, you can now find cat kennels, groomers and boarding facilities with all sorts of services and staff members that “speak” two “languages”, human and cat.

Expanding On Cat Basics:

Another common misconception is that all cats need is a litter box and a food dish.  If you are going to own a cat, you should definitely expand on the cat basics.  That’s why many US pet care business are constantly creating new toys, play houses, pet carriers and even fancy outfits for their cats.  A lot of Japanese companies are doing the same.

Expanding on the basics doesn’t just mean giving your cat fun things to do, however.  It also means putting new technologies in place to keep your pet safe.  These days, it’s possible to mark your pet with a microchip, for instance.  You can also give your cat an electronic collar that will let him in and out of the house by using a sensor feature.  All of those things and more are being designed and produced in the US, Japan and other countries.  In fact, some companies are even offering pet insurance for cats now.

One Stop Pet Shops:

Another great trend that is continuing to be popular across the continents is the one stop pet shop.  Large pet care companies are now creating stores that not only sell pet products, but also allow you to bring your pet into the store.  That way, your cat can let you know exactly what he or she likes.  At the same time, many of those stores offer grooming services, on staff veterinarians and other great services for your pet.

Persevering In The Face Of Adversity:

Finally, if there’s one thing that both the USA and Japan are known for, it’s persevering in the face of adversity.  That couldn’t be more apparent than in the cooperation between the two countries when it comes to animal rescue projects.  In fact, in the wake of the fairly recent earthquakes in Japan, many US pet rescue organizations have stepped in to help.  That just goes to show that love of cats is universal.


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