Art and Amazing Landscapes by Alfred Sisley

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Art and Amazing Landscapes by Alfred Sisley

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


Alfred Sisley was an amazing Impressionist landscape artist who felt fulfilled by the art movement he followed. If individuals adore landscape art then Alfred Sisley must rank amongst the cream of the crop because throughout his career he produced vast numbers of amazing landscapes. Indeed, it would appear through his art that industrialization and the power of humanity over nature, was little more than the imagination. Therefore, through the eyes of Alfred Sisley nature was in the ascendancy but without the bias of any illusions.


Despite retaining British citizenship the life of Alfred Sisley was mainly spent in France. He was born in Paris (1839-1899) and was truly dedicated to painting amazing landscapes. Indeed, it is stated that Alfred Sisley was the most dedicated Impressionist who remained loyal to landscape art.


His parents were affluent during his childhood and being born in Paris then clearly the artistic power of this fascinating city must have impacted greatly on Alfred Sisley. When he reached eighteen he was sent to study business in London but this wasn’t the path that he desired for himself. Therefore, on returning to Paris he ventured into the world that was awaiting him and this applies to the world of art.


In 1862 he began to study at the Paris Ecole des Beaux-Arts and in time he would become acquainted with Claude Monet, Frederic Bazille, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The Franco-Prussian war of 1870-1871 ruined the prosperity of his father and soon the affluent times of his early years would become a distant dream because poverty would impact on Alfred Sixley during many periods of his life.


In a sense, the wealthy childhood to later periods of poverty, resembled the power of France to his limited time he spent in Britain. This duality must have impacted greatly on Alfred Sisley. However, irrespective of what life threw at him, he remained faithful to the serenity of landscape art but without the angle of romanticism.


The monetary failings of his art did not dampen the spirit of Alfred Sisley despite this heaping pressure on himself and his family. Also, he had several patrons from time to time which enabled him to visit Britain and this support was greatly valued. He and his family moved to a small village near the forest of Fontainebleau. This proved to be a fantastic place to reside for Alfred Sisley because it suited his artistic theme.


Anne Poulet, art historian, comments that “…the gentle landscapes with their constantly changing atmosphere were perfectly attuned to his talents. Unlike Monet, he never sought the drama of the rampaging ocean or the brilliantly colored scenery of the Côte d’Azur.”


On the Alfred Sisley website (http://www.alfredsisley.orgit is stated that “Among the Impressionists Sisley has been overshadowed by Monet, although his work most resembles that of Camille Pissarro. Described by art historian Robert Rosenblum as having “almost a generic character, an impersonal textbook idea of a perfect Impressionist painting”, his work strongly invokes atmosphere and his skies are always very impressive. His concentration on landscape subjects was the most consistent of any of the Impressionists.”


This article only touches on the life of Alfred Sisley. However, it is hoped that the images will inspire people to dig much deeper in order to discover an amazing artist who blessed the art world.

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