Looper: Now Showing in Tokyo Cinemas

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Looper: Now Showing in Tokyo Cinemas 

Laura Leiva 

Modern Tokyo Times


This mind-bending film blends science fiction with action to create a unique plot starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt. Directed by Rian Johnson, Looper features thought-provoking ideas, time travel, thrilling twists and turns, and a touch of romance into the storyline – and the film is considered one of the best science fiction flicks to hit the big screen in recent years, with positive reviews coming from The Hollywood Reporter.

Looper takes place in the year 2044 – Joseph Simmons (Gordon-Levitt), a 25-year-old looper, works for a futuristic mafia. The job of a looper is to kill, and then dispose, of agents sent through a recently invented form of time travel. Though time travel is outlawed in the futuristic state, the machines are used by members of the mafia to send people back in time to be killed by ‘loopers’ – loopers are responsible for being at a certain place and time to assassinate the time-traveling victims by shooting them and disposing of their bodies in exchange for silver bars.

In order to “close the loop” or end the contract with a looper, the mafia bosses send the future version of the looper back in time to be killed by the younger version. Once the older version is assassinated, the younger version receives gold bars and freedom for 30 years until their impending death takes place. Simmons spends his time assassinating those sent back in time to him and begins to stock up his pile of silver bars, waiting forth chance to finish his contract and move to France in order to live out his remaining 30 years.

When he least expects it, Simmons is getting ready to close a loop when he recognizes the man at the other end of his gun is actually the older version of himself (Willis). The older version of him escapes from Simmons and Young Joe must find a way to get him back to finish the loop. He sends a message to Old Joe to meet him at a café, where Old Joe tells Young Joe about his wife being killed and his plans to prevent it from happening in the future. Old Joe tells Young Joe about the Rainmaker – an evil leader in the future who’s closing the loops, and his plans to kill him to prevent the future from playing out the way it did.


Young Joe is unable to kill Old Joe once again, and rips a piece of paper out of Old Joe’s possession before an attack on the café. He follows the location coordinates to an isolated farmhouse and meets Sara (Blunt) who lives there alone with her son, Cid. When Sara demands to know why Young Joe is there, he asks if she recognizes the numbers on the paper – they turn out to be Cid’s birth date and his hospital serial number. Young Joe discovers Cid possesses telekinetic powers, which are dangerous when not used properly. Meanwhile, Old Joe is on the hunt for three children, all of whom share the same birth date and hospital serial number as Cid – he must kill them in order to prevent the rise of the Rainmaker.

Finally, Old Joe comes to kill Cid just as Young Joe realizes Cid will become the Rainmaker – and he attempts to prevent the cycle that will inevitably occur if Old Joe carries out his plot. Young Joe kills himself to eliminate the existence of Old Joe, thus preventing Cid from becoming the Rainmaker.

Looper is exciting and interesting – Joseph Gordon-Levitt does a wonderful job playing a young Bruce Willis, capturing his mannerisms and personality perfectly. Those who love science fiction or time travel will surely enjoy this movie!



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