France and African Nations to Support Mali against Islamists: The Syria Question

France and African Nations to Support Mali against Islamists: The Syria Question

Helmut Joachim Schmidt and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The nation of France is now intervening militarily in Mali after Islamist terrorists began a fresh move outside of their northern strongholds. Islamist terrorists despise black African Islam in Mali because they have destroyed many internationally famous Islamic buildings in Timbuktu and other places under their control. At the same time the colonial mentality of these Islamist terrorists can be seen by their imposition of Gulf versions of Islam on the people of Mali.

This reality also lays bare the policy of the President of France and other nations in the Western camp which support the destabilization of Syria. After all, the very same Islamist terrorists in Syria are being supported openly by nations like Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Likewise, France and the United Kingdom know full well that on the ground that it is Islamists which are gaining in power but this isn’t stopping their anti-Syrian government actions. However, just like black African Islamic civilization is under threat in Mali the same applies to Syrian civilization because Salafists hate religious pluralism, diversity and other progressive forces. Therefore, while France may be taking the right approach in Mali, this nation should look at why Islamist terrorists have grew in power in northern Mali and why is the same nation in cohorts with unprogressive forces in Syria?

After all, in Mali many Sufi shrines have been destroyed and likewise in Syria many Shia mosques, Christian churches and other holy places have been destroyed. Alawites also reside in fear in Syria and mainstream Sunni Muslim clerics in Syria have been killed by Islamist terrorists. Images have also emerged of Islamists destroying other types of architecture in Mali and Syria respectively. Similarly, many Sufi shrines have been attacked in Libya by the same dark forces. Yet this reality appears to be lost on powerful Western states which are siding with the forces of darkness in Syria.

It is reported that over 100 Islamists have been killed in early skirmishes between French forces and Islamists in Mali. At the same, regional West African nations have promised to speed up their plans in order to help Mali. Recently the al-Shabaab (al-Shabab) in Somalia melted away quickly in Kismayo when multinational forces, notably Kenyan military troops, launched a military offensive. In Somalia the al-Shabaab also follow the same Islamist mindset which can be found in Mali and which is spreading in parts of Syria after the destabilization of this nation. The al-Shabaab have killed many converts to Christianity and destroyed many indigenous Sufi Islamic places of worship. However, the growing power of black African nations is noticeable because they will no longer tolerate outside meddling.

Nigeria is also alarmed by the ongoing Islamist insurgency in parts of the north and clearly this regional powerhouse will be monitoring events in Mali closely alongside other nations. This power-shift can be seen visibly in Sudan whereby regional nations gave support to the SPLA in the south of this nation. The upshot of this is the newly created South Sudan which is now free despite facing many internal dangers and with the Khartoum government still threating the sovereignty of this nation. Despite this, regional nations like Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda all support South Sudan and likewise black African nation states are increasingly becoming fed up with the role of Egypt and the Nile.

The African Integration Minister of Ivory Coast, Ali Coulibaly, commented that “By Monday at the latest, the troops will be there or will have started to arrive…Things are accelerating … The re-conquest of the north has already begun.”

Once more, regional African nations will take a lead whereby they will fight against the forces of instability and hatred. However, why is it that nations in the Gulf, Turkey and Western powers are supporting instability in Syria and the same forces of hatred? Clearly, regional African states are once more going to involve themselves in trying to stabilize a crisis just like they are doing in Somalia and other nations. Yet, it is clear that Islamist terrorist groups are benefitting in Libya and Syria because of America, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and other nations in the Gulf.

Nigeria will take a central role within the multinational force which will be sent to Mali and it is expected that Major-General Shehu Abdulkadir from this country will coordinate matters. Other troops alongside Nigerian forces will be sent from Burkina Faso, Senegal and Niger. Likewise, other nations like the Ivory Coast will support the nation of Mali against Islamist terrorists which seek to destroy black African Islam and to enforce Gulf versions of Salafism on the people of Mali.

John Campbell, Council on Foreign Relations, stated that “Mali had been democratic in form, but its governance was dominated by weak elite patronage networks facilitating personal enrichment but not social or economic development. The system especially short-changed the Tuareg-dominated north, where there has long been a low-level secessionist insurgency. After Muammar al-Qaddafi’s fall in 2011, access to uncontrolled Libyan weapons transformed that insurgency into a well-armed rebellion that the Bamako government of President Amadou Toure could not contain. The Tuaregs, led by the NMLA, loosely allied with radical Islamic groups, including Ansar Dine, expelled the Malian forces from the north, and proclaimed the independence of a new state, Azawad.”

In another article by Modern Tokyo Times it was stated that “…the Libyan crisis created a new phase for al-Qaeda and various different Islamist terrorist networks. This applies to the easy access of weapons and the ongoing chaos which is continuing in Libya because of weak central structures. Once more, outside nations have created new instabilities. Also, with major political issues internally inside of Mali then three powerful vacuums have been opened up. This applies to the easy access of weapons generated by the Libyan crisis, no real central structures controlling Libya and a major political power struggle within Mali itself.”

“It is worrying that jihadists are entering northern Mali from nations which include Benin, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal and Togo. This West African angle is clearly a growing phase whereby Islamists want to spread their ideological version of Islam and supplant indigenous African Islam. Clearly, existing power bases within Mali Islam are worried about this new foreign incursion because a new “clash of civilization” is occurring within Islam in this nation. This can be seen in Nigeria and likewise in Libya whereby Sufi shrines have been attacked and destroyed by Islamists.”

In Syria outside meddling needs to stop because Islamist terrorists want to turn this nation into “year zero.” They desire to crush the multi-cultural and multi-religious values of Syria in order to impose a draconian version of Islam which emanates from Saudi Arabia. It is time for elites in London, Paris and Washington to note the blowback reality of Afghanistan in the 1980s and 1990s and the same applies to Pakistan which destabilized itself. Similarly, the crisis in Mali stems from the destruction and carnage which was inflicted on Libya. Therefore, it is essential that a strong Syria remains and for the multi-cultural and multi-religious values of this nation to survive. After all, a weak Syria means chaos, a failed state, the imposition of Islamism and new bases for terrorists to spread their hatred.

France may be right to help Mali during its hour of need but when this is related to Syria, then how can France justify this dual policy of support and chaos?

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