Mali forces face a setback after Islamists seize a town: France and crisis in Somalia and Syria

Mali forces face a setback after Islamists seize a town: France and crisis in Somalia and Syria

Boutros Hussein and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The government of Syria must be flabbergasted by the actions of France in Mali and the likely reality of Islamist terrorists showing dead French people. After all, the same France is siding with Islamist terrorist forces against secular Syria. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how the media in France and the general public will link the reality of dead French soldiers alongside their own government supporting the destabilization of Syria.

Jean-Yves Le Drian, the French Defence Minister, hinted that Islamists in Somalia were planning to show a “macabre” display. This applies to showing the remains of two French soldiers who were killed during a botched rescues hostage operation in Somalia. For America, whereby the bodies of American troops were also humiliated by Islamists in Somalia, then it will also be a firm reminder of the dangerous game that the Obama government is playing. After all, just like France, America is also behind many rat lines when it comes to the destabilization of Syria.

In Syria the armed forces and the civilian population know only full well about the brutality of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and various Islamist terrorist factions, which follow the path and ideology of Al-Qaeda. Time and again many pro-government civilians in Syria have been beheaded and tortured in barbaric ways. Indeed, a recent image showed a young boy hacking at the head of a captured Syrian soldier. Of course, in the background were Islamists who egged on the boy while shouting that “God is great.”

Le Drian also commented that the armed forces of France were facing a “difficult” situation in western parts of Mali. However, he made it clear that overall the situation was “developing favorably.” Despite this, it is only early days yet because soon multinational forces from African states will soon join the fray to a much higher degree. Also, nobody really knows the true power of Islamist forces in northern Mali therefore it is too early to say about how the conflict is going on the ground.

In Somalia the al-Shabaab (al-Shabab) continue to turn their parts of Somalia into a new darkness because of their neo-primitive ideas. This applies to stoning people to death for adultery, killing apostates to the Christian faith, chopping hands and limbs off and other brutal realities. Not only this, the al-Shabaab is bent on destroying indigenous Islam just like Islamists in Mali desire to destroy indigenous black African Islam. In this sense, it is yet another war of civilization pitting progressive forces against the forces of darkness and indoctrination. Yet, the government of France is siding with the forces of darkness against secular Syria because all nations fully understand that it is the Islamist terrorist groups in Syria which are the main players in fighting the Syrian armed forces.

Meanwhile the government of France will comment fully on the crisis in Mali on Monday during a UN Security Council meeting which was called by France. Regional African nations are in full support of France because they all fear the growing rise of Islamism which is being supported by various forces in the Gulf. This reality applies irrespective if at government levels, wealthy institutions, powerful and rich individuals or because of the role of radical Islamic charities. Similarly, non-black African Islamist terrorist organizations based throughout the Middle East and North Africa desire to spread Salafi ideology and to destroy Sufi Islam and mainstream Islam in Mali and throughout the region.

In another article by Modern Tokyo Times it was stated that “…the very same Islamist terrorists in Syria are being supported openly by nations like Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Likewise, France and the United Kingdom know full well that on the ground that it is Islamists which are gaining in power but this isn’t stopping their anti-Syrian government actions. However, just like black African Islamic civilization is under threat in Mali the same applies to Syrian civilization because Salafists hate religious pluralism, diversity and other progressive forces. Therefore, while France may be taking the right approach in Mali, this nation should look at why Islamist terrorists have grown in power in northern Mali and why is the same nation in cohorts with unprogressive forces in Syria?” 

Turning back to the current conflict in Mali then Le Drian stated that Islamists“…took Diabaly after fierce fighting and resistance from the Malian army that was not able to hold them off at that moment.” Despite this he sounded confident about events in the east of Mali because he stated that “The developments are in line with our expectations. In the east of Mali the advance of the rebels has been blocked. The town of Konna has been abandoned. The terrorist groups are in effect in retreat.”

It remains to be seen what will happen over the next few days and weeks because you have a lot of uncertainty in Mali. Similarly, it will be interesting to see if France can justify its open hostility towards secular Syria. After all, Islamists will probably show the dead bodies of French soldiers in gruesome ways and some French hostages may also be killed in the near future by Islamist terrorist groups. What is certain is that the same civilization war which Mali faces is also being fought in Syria. However, the government of France is siding with the forces of Islamists against secular Syria, while French forces are fighting the same Islamists in Mali.

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