Tokyo Tourism and Gardens: Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

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Tokyo Tourism and Gardens:  Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Michel Lebon and Tomoko Hara

Modern Tokyo Times


Shinjuku is a thriving part of Tokyo and for fashion lovers you have an amazing array of department stores to visit. Also, the train station which serves Shinjuku is the busiest in the world therefore this highlights the bustling nature of this part of Tokyo. However, the beautiful Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden provides a lovely place to escape from all the stresses of life and to connect with nature.

Within the grounds of Shinjuku Gyoen you have over 20,000 trees and during the hanami (cherry blossom viewing season) period countless numbers of people flock to view the stunning scenery. This applies to the adorable beauty of over 1,500 cherry trees which are enchanting to look at.

The stunning grounds are kept well throughout the year and the three distinctive styles provide a lovely contrast. These three styles are English landscape which feature wide lawns, French Formal, and Japanese traditional. Therefore, the contrasting styles highlight the diversity of this amazing place in the heart of buzzing Tokyo.

From a lifestyle point of view it is essential that Tokyo is served by places like Shinjuku Gyoen. After all, the fast pace of life, busy trains in the early morning and after 5pm, high rise buildings, stresses of life, and other factors, means that green spaces are a premium. For this reason, Shinjuku Gyoen is a real gem because it is very sizeable and you have many places to find tranquility and escape the madding crowds.


Also, for individuals who adore shopping in Shinjuku, then it is equally a great way to refresh the inner-self and enjoy the best of both worlds. The closeness of Shinjuku Gyoen to the train station, and the countless lockers which are available, enables individuals and friends to leave their luggage or shopping behind, in order to relax for several hours in this stunning part of Tokyo.

The seasonal variances and seasons within seasons, for example the cherry blossom season is very short, means that Tokyoites can witness the many changes throughout the year. This is most welcome because the constant changes are very refreshing and enables individuals to visit throughout the year in order to witness the changing scenery.

Also, the Himalayan Cedars, Bald Cypresses, Tulip Trees, Plane Trees, and so many others, all create alovely ambience. The abundance of wildlife and plants is refreshing because you have many distinctive areas to visit and to refresh the soul. The stunning scenery on show is also appreciated by photographers and painters who can explore their artistic side.

In truth, the entire park is a great place to relax and explore because you have so many stunning views to see. Also, you have many nice walks near the ponds which highlight the natural beauty of nature and the elegant architecture works well together.

Overall, the size of Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, along with the contrasting styles, means that you have a real gem in the heart of Tokyo. Tokyoites treasure the green spaces which are available throughout Tokyo and this national garden is appreciated greatly. Therefore, irrespective if you are a Tokyoite or a tourist, this lovely place is well worth a visit.

Lee Jay Walker gave support to both main writers  Shinjuku Gyoen

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