Algeria Hostage Crisis and Reality: Destabilization of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Mali and Syria

Algeria Hostage Crisis and Reality: Destabilization of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Mali and Syria

Omar Abdullah Ismail and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The hostage crisis in Algeria is still ongoing and clearly many reports are conflicting with others. This means that the current number of deaths is still unknown and the same applies to the exact number of hostages which are still being held. However, it is shameful of some nations which have participated in the destabilization of others and created the Islamist nightmare – to suddenly comment on their concern about international terrorism.

CNN, which often propagates information which appears to follow the government line when important developments erupt, even stated that it appears that these Islamist terrorists had bases in Libya. Of course, when Gaddafi met his brutal death in Libya this was openly welcomed in America, France, the United Kingdom and in nations of the Gulf like Qatar which openly supported the demise of Gaddafi. However, modern day Libya is yet another failed state where various forces hold sway in certain parts of the country. Therefore, it will not surprise anyone that the same Islamist terrorists in Algeria have bases in “the new Libya.”

Since the early 1980s the United States, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, the United Kingdom and other Gulf nations were involved in training and providing major military weapons to Islamist terrorists in Afghanistan. These Islamists in the 1980s equally hated the Shia minority in Afghanistan, desired to cover women up from head to toe, to kill apostates to Christianity, stone homosexuals to death, to kill people for adultery and other brutal realities. After the fall of the government of Najibullah in Afghanistan because of outside nations, then this country witnessed more terrorism, hatred and the enslavement of women.

Pakistan in turn managed to destabilize itself because their former Islamist terrorist friends now turned against the “infidel nation state.” Likewise, the same Islamists which were supported in Afghanistan and Bosnia would then turn their hands to September 11, the Madrid bombings and a host of other major terrorist attacks.  Yes, blowback came back to haunt innocent civilians who have suffered at the hands of devious governments which appear to learn zilch. After all, the same mistakes keep on being made and currently this can be seen by daily terrorist attacks in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, and in other nations.

The simple reality is that terrorism was never a threat to the central states of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. However, once outside meddling started then new failed states were created and today all these nations can feel the convulsions of this reality. Of course, for Syria the daily terrorist reality is because of the brutal policies of America, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United Kingdom and other nations in the Gulf. This means that the “terrorist switch” was turned on in Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. In Pakistan this nation helped to create its own terrorist threat alongside other nations which supported Islamists in Afghanistan. For Mali this nation is the victim of outside meddling because the destabilization of Libya triggered the current crisis in this nation. In Iraq the terrorist nightmare wasn’t planned but once many vacuums were opened then Islamists filled this easily and even today sectarianism, nationalism and terrorism are tearing Iraq apart. It would now appear that Algeria is going to feel the effects of outside meddling because the current hostage crisis may be replicated in the future. Either way, the convulsions of this crisis will create economic problems for Algeria because of the over reliance on the energy sector.

Outside meddling by major NATO nations, powers in the Gulf and Pakistan in Afghanistan – have created failed states, greater sectarianism, daily terrorism in many nations and the systematic persecution of minority religious groups. More than 50% of Christians fled Iraq once America and its allies took charge of this nation. Shabaks, Mandaeans and the Yazidi religious groups also felt the brute force of Islamist persecution and terrorism in Iraq. Similarly, the Shia have suffered massacre after massacre in Iraq and today this nation is nothing more than a failed state whereby terrorist strikes are only a moment away.

In Afghanistan the Shia were also killed in vast numbers and many fled the brutal carnage which erupted in this nation. At the same time women became shackled in the 1980s and 1990s once Islamists were trained to destabilize and conquer Afghanistan. Also, the Islamist terrorist angle in Afghanistan alongside religious indoctrination then began to target the Shia in Pakistan. Other minority groups also began to feel the usual blowback in Pakistan and this applies to the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, Christians, Hindus and other minorities. In the last few weeks hundreds of Shia Muslims have been killed by Islamists in Pakistan.

In modern day Syria the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and a host of other Islamist terrorist groups continue to persecute the Alawites, Christians and others including the Shia. Mainstream Sunni Muslim religious leaders are also being killed and the same applies to any Syrian who is deemed to be pro-government in Syria irrespective of faith. Journalists are also openly murdered and daily car bombings and other forms of carnage is threatening the central state of this nation. Moderate Levant Islam, like black African Islam in Mali, is facing the real threat of Salafi Islamist hatred and indoctrination in Syria. Also, Sufi shrines are being destroyed in Libya and Mali by Islamists who hate culture and pluralism.

The current crisis in Mali was unintended just like in Pakistan but it is never that simple. After all, when central forces are destroyed then chaos will fill the void and with so many wealthy Islamists and organizations in the Gulf, then it doesn’t take long. Therefore, the government of Syria is pointing out to the enemies of this nation that the “Islamist switch” is extremely difficult to “switch off” once you support such dark forces.

Algeria Hostage Crisis

The current hostage crisis is still ongoing in Algeria but like CNN reports it does appear that these Islamist terrorists had training grounds in Libya. Yet given the promises of outside nations which destabilized Libya, then how could this happen on the watch of these nations and their friends in the government of Libya?

In The Long War Journal it is stated by Bill Roggio that “The jihadist assault team is said to have infiltrated Algeria from Niger, according to the Nouakchott News Agency. CNN reported that the attack was launched from Libya and and the fighters were trained at camps linked to al Qaeda.”

“The al-Mua’qi’oon Biddam assault unit was split into two teams, one that was led by Abu al-Bara’a al-Jaza’iri, who took hostages in the residential area of the facility, and another by al Nigeri himself, who targeted the factory and is also holding hostages there. Al Jaza’iri is reported to have been killed during the Algerian military assault. Al Nigeri claimed that the Algerian military killed 16 of his fighters and 35 hostages in an airstrike on vehicles that were transporting the hostages. Several foreign fighters, including a Frenchman, a Malian, two Tunisians, two Libyans, and three Egyptians are said to have been killed.”

Doubts still persist where these Islamists infiltrated from. Yet the Libya terrorist angle is a clear reality in Syria because many have entered from this nation and the same applies to other nations. Also, Islamist terrorist groups continue to gain from the destabilization of Libya therefore this nation will be part of the chain which led to the Algerian hostage crisis. Indeed, Al Qaeda and other Islamist terrorist movements have much to be thankful for when it comes to the deeds of America, France, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Qatar, Turkey and other nations based in the Gulf region. After all, these collective forces (includes Pakistan when Afghanistan is included) have destabilized so many nations that now you have countless numbers of failed states. This reality is serving the Islamists well and the same applies to Salafi indoctrination from the Gulf region.

The BBC comments that Algeria says the militants are taking orders from Mokhtar Belmokhtar, until last year a senior commander in al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM).”

A statement from the kidnappers said the assault on the gas plant was launched in retaliation for French intervention against Islamist groups, including AQIM, in neighbouring Mali.

About 30 foreigners remain unaccounted for, including about 10 from the UK.”

Leon Panetta, US Defence Secretary, states that “Al-Qaeda needs to know that they have no refuge – in Algeria, in Mali, anywhere – we are not going to allow them to have a hiding place from which to conduct these terrorist acts.” Sadly, this comment is almost comical because the friends of America are supporting Al Qaeda and other terrorists groups openly in Syria. Also, the Islamist terrorist angle wasn’t part of the Iraq and Mali equation until outside meddling created many vacuums. The same applies to other nations mentioned in this article.

Meanwhile the government of Algeria is adamant that you can’t cut deals with Islamist terrorist groups which seek to kidnap and murder in the name of “Islamic jihad.” Algeria knows what it is talking about because in history this nation fought bravely against French colonialism and then the threat of radical Islamists in more recent history. Therefore, Algeria doesn’t need any fingers to be pointed at this nation. After all, the destabilization of Libya which snowballed into Mali is based on the meddling of outside nations which also continue to destabilize modern day Syria. This means that until outside countries stop destabilizing other nations alongside manipulating terrorism for personal geopolitical interests, then future hostage and terrorist issues will materialize in the near future. Given this reality, it is time for America, France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Qatar and other nations in the Gulf to stop destabilizing nations and spreading other dark realities.

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