Shia Muslims Slaughtered in a Mosque in Iraq: Fresh Carnage in Nigeria and Syria

Shia Muslims Slaughtered in a Mosque in Iraq: Fresh Carnage in Nigeria and Syria

Helmut Joachim Schmidt and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


In the last few days the same massacres continue to follow a similar pattern in modern day Iraq, Nigeria and Syria. This applies to the forces of Sunni Islamist terrorist networks which are intent on literally slaughtering their way to power in several nations. More alarming, is that in Syria many Gulf nations and NATO powers are involved in this barbarity, while Iraq is still suffering from the consequences of the US led invasion which opened up many new vacuums that it could not contain. Meanwhile in Nigeria, just like in Mali, it is clear that Islamist indoctrination from the Gulf is intent on destroying indigenous black African Islam.

The hatred towards the Shia within the Sunni Islamist camp can be seen in many nations based on institutional persecution, terrorist attacks and countless massacres. Indeed, even in so-called moderate Malaysia some Islamists in the past week have called on people to burn Christian Bibles and more alarmingly the Shia faith is illegal. Shia Muslims in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia face institutional discrimination whereby power mechanisms have been installed to keep them down. Likewise, the followers of the Shia suffer enormous persecution in Yemen at the hands of Al Qaeda and central forces aligned with Saudi Arabia.

Massacres in Pakistan against the Shia resemble the sheer hatred of Iraq where vast numbers are slaughtered by Sunni Islamist terrorists. Of course, behind the scenes you have many Islamist clerics inciting hatred towards the Shia and other people from within the Muslim faith and outside of this religion. Therefore, the plight of Ahmadiyya Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Sikhs within Pakistan, is one of institutional discrimination and the threat of growing Islamist militancy. Sunni Muslims who speak out against such hatred face the same sword of Islamist militancy because Sunni clerics are also being killed in Nigeria, Syria, and in other nations, for trying to stem the tide of hatred, sectarianism, and terrorism.

This hatred is being financed within Gulf nations which have used their petrodollars to spread militant versions of Islam which hate diversity within the Muslim world alongside supporting discrimination against non-Muslims. Of course, this reality isn’t new but with Western powers and nations throughout the world utilizing the energy resources of feudal monarchs in the Gulf, then it appears that these nations have carte blanche to spread Islamist indoctrination. Levant Islam, just like black African Islam in Mali and Nigeria, is based on huge variations within the Muslim world when it comes to tradition and cultural realities. However, this diversity is hated by Salafi Islamists and other draconian voices within the militant Islamist world which seeks to crush culture, destroy architecture, re-write history, and eradicate knowledge and to destroy traces of modernity – while keeping women firmly in the shadow.

Islamists in Iraq, Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan and Syria have no qualms in destroying mosques belonging to other sects within the Muslim world. In Iraq, Nigeria and Pakistan this blind hatred can be seen by the fact that Islamists also have no qualms in slaughtering Muslims within mosques. Also, many Christians have been killed by terrorist attacks against churches while praying. The victims in Iraq and Pakistan within mosques are mainly Shia Muslims. Yet in Nigeria the forces of Sunni Islamism is killing fellow Sunni Muslims in mosques and in other walks of life. Of course, in the mindset of Islamist militancy they can’t lose either way – this applies to killing and hoping to fan the flame of hatred and sectarianism – therefore, if others turn to violence to counter-attack their hatred then this is also welcomed in their world of death.

In the latest attack in Iraq it is reported that at least 42 Shia Muslims have been killed inside a mosque. Yes, the same Islamists which demonstrate over a ridiculous film or cartoon, are the same Islamists which don’t mind killing Muslims in a mosque and destroying countless numbers of Korans. Of course, the media in the West and Muslim world appears to be failing to highlight this brutal hypocrisy. However, when a fellow Muslim can enter a Shia mosque so easily and kill in such a brutal way, then it is clear that the indoctrination espousing hatred is indeed barbaric.

Abu Muhammad al ‘Adnani in early 2012 (Al Qaeda in Iraq) stated “So, Iraq, Iraq, O people of the Sunnah. Stop the black extension that is coming towards you. Cut off the head of the [Shi'ite] snake, the tail of which is amongst you. Know that the coming stage is a stage of real confrontation and war against the despicable [Shi'ites], whether you like it or not, and that the war of the Sunnis with the [Shi'ites] is not a sectarian war, like people are braying about. A sect is part of something, and the [Shi'ites] don’t have anything to do with Islam; they have their own religion and we have our own. The war of the Sunnis with the [Shi'ites] is a religious war, a holy war of faith, a war of faith and unbelief, a war of idolatry and monotheism. There is no way out of it and there is no swerving from it. The [Shi'ites] know this well.”

The latest massacre by a suicide bomber within a Shia mosque will have been glorified within the Islamist militant world. After all, just like the words above, it is clear that Al Qaeda, which also butchered Shia Muslims in Afghanistan – and other Islamist terrorist groups which can be found in Nigeria, Pakistan, Syria and in other nations – view Shia Muslims to be infidels and the same applies to how they view other Muslim sects, non-Muslims and mainstream Sunni Muslims. In their world of hatred the killing of innocent people creates no qualms or excommunications. After all, they believe that they have a right to behead, slaughter, persecute and to sow the seeds of sectarianism, based on their militant ideology which is showing no signs of weakening.

In Syria the fervor of radical Sunni Islamism is clear for all to see because daily terrorist attacks and massacres are praised and spread all over the internet. Videos of Syrian soldiers being beheaded and Islamists encouraging children to participate have all been witnessed. Similarly, Shia moques and other religious places of worship have been burnt to the ground and violated. Yet in Syria you have a combination of forces which have sowed the seed of terrorism, sectarianism and sedition – whereby Islamists are partners within the grand scheme of destabilizing and destroying a strong Syria.

This reality highlights the madness of elites within NATO powers because they have joined forces with nations in the Gulf and countless different terrorist factions in order to destroy secular Syria. The armed forces of Syria are trying to stem the tide but with so many borders to defend and with the enemies being many, then their task is indeed great. At the same time, the nation of Syria is faced by Islamist indoctrination which supports sectarianism. Therefore, the “Islamist enemy from within” is an ideological war which is being waged by Gulf nations and Turkey. NATO powers in Ankara, London, Paris and Washington should all be equally ashamed of the role that they have played because being on the side of sectarianism and terrorism is truly barbaric.

Meanwhile, in Nigeria the forces of Boko Haram and Ansaru, which follow militant Islam, are now beheading individuals on the grounds of eating bush meat and playing games which may entice gambling. The same Islamists irrespective of the terrorist network slit the throats of 15 Christians in Maiduguri the month before. Likewise, many other attacks have taken place in other parts of Nigeria. This applies to attacking Christian churches and Muslim mosques alongside other brutal realities. Nigerian Islamists justify this based on the need to impose Islamic Sharia law. Therefore, they also have no qualms in attacking Muslims whom they deem to be infidels based on their Gulf inspired versions of Islamic radicalism.

Sufi shrines have also been attacked in Libya, Mali, Pakistan and Somalia. Not surprisingly, the forces of Gulf Arabism within the Islamist camp, cares little for Levant Islam, Sufi Islam, Shia Islam and indigenous black African Islam. After all, many Sufi shrines that have been attacked alongside the rich Islamic architecture of Mali were built a very long time ago. Therefore, this civilization which is being crushed within parts of the Muslim world is a new phenomenon and clearly all roads for sowing the seeds of hatred leads to the petrodollars of the Gulf. Yet Western nations are doing little to counteract this reality and to stem the funding of Islamist petrodollars, which are also spreading militancy within Europe and North America

Irfan Al-Alawi comments in Family Security Matters that “In late April of this year (2012), the Wahhabi grand mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Ibn Abdullah Aal Ash-Sheikh, who controls all Sunni Muslim clerics in the desert kingdom, announced that girls could be forced into marriage at age 10 or 12, without their consent, by contractual arrangement between families.” This clearly highlights the moral depravity of the same Islamists spreading their hatred far and wide.”

“The Saudi chief cleric then proceeded to conflict with repeated promises of the Saudi King, Abdullah, to foster interfaith respect and dialogue, by calling, in mid-March (2012), for the destruction of all Christian churches in the Arabian Peninsula. Responding to a query in Kuwait by Muslim clerics affiliated with the “Revival of Islamic Heritage Society,” favorable to Wahhabism, Aal Ash-Sheikh based his argument on a weakly-transmitted hadith, or oral commentary on the life of Muhammad, in which the Prophet allegedly mandated that there should not be “two religions” in Arabia.”

The above comment highlights the moral depravity and hatred within the highest echelons of Muslim leaders in Saudi Arabia. Yes, a nation where conversion from Islam can lead to the death penalty and where Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, and other faith communities, must worship secretly in their own home. Any outward expression means prison and not one non-Muslim place of worship is allowed throughout the whole of Saudi Arabia. Of course, Arabia once was very different because many faiths co-existed prior to the Islamization of Arabia. However, unlike the Levant where many faiths co-exist – all non-Muslim faiths were obliterated in this part of Arabia and even today apostasy is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia.

It is essential therefore that the diversity of Levant Islam survives the brutal Islamist indoctrination and terrorist rat lines which seek to crush the rich civilization of this region. Therefore, the Islamist terrorist and indoctrination angle against Syria needs to be repulsed and all outside nations should stop meddling into the internal affairs of this nation. Likewise, Iraq and Nigeria face serious problems because of the same forces which hate diversity and co-existence. Of course, each nation, like all countries in the world, will be beset by other important issues related to nationalism, poverty and internal political realities. Yet, the Islamist indoctrination reality threatens to destroy from within – while terrorists spread terrorism, sectarianism, create religious clashes with other faiths alongside other brutal realities – all of which are aimed at supplanting the nation state and enforcing a brutal new way of life based on religious authoritarianism – with the prime examples being modern day Saudi Arabia and what became of Afghanistan under the Taliban.

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