Japan Tourism Rebounds in 2012: Hopefully 2013 will Witness a Further Increase

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Japan Tourism Rebounds in 2012: Hopefully 2013 will Witness a Further Increase

Tomoko Hara and Joachim de Villiers

Modern Tokyo Times


Tourist numbers in Japan grew by 34.6% in 2012 compared with the figure of 2011 therefore this bodes well for 2013. Of course, the aftershocks from the tragic 9.0-magnitude earthquake which triggered the brutal tsunami on March 11, 2011, reverberated strongly. This also applies to the nuclear crisis in Fukushima which was triggered by the destructive earthquake and tsunami. However, after extremely hard work on behalf of many organizations and with the stunning beauty of Japan to fall back on, alongside a unique culture; then tourist numbers rebounded in 2012.


The Japan National Tourist Organization (http://www.jnto.go.jp/) was clearly pleased by this development because the figure of 8.368 million people is the second highest ever. Data first began to be compiled in 1964 and clearly it would appear that a new record is in the offing either in 2013 or in the very near future given the growing demand for travel to Japan.


It must also be stated that 2012 also witnessed a continuing negative global economy for the majority of the developed world. Also, regional tensions with China and South Korea emerged over disputed territory. Yet despite the gloomy international economy and other negative factors in 2012, tourists still flocked to Japan. On top of this, the strong yen was also a negative factor for people in Europe, America and other parts of the world.


Hopefully, visitors to Japan will also travel to areas outside of the main tourist destinations because you have so many special places to visit throughout the entire country. Likewise, the stunning beauty of the countryside in Fukushima is a wonder to behold and the same applies to all areas which were hit by the brutal events of March 11. After all, areas hit the hardest by the tragic events of March 11 need internal and international tourists to help in the regeneration of their respective local economies.


Tourist numbers increased to their highest in seven Asian countries since records began and this positive reality is a cause to celebrate. Therefore, despite tensions with China the number of visitors from this nation reached a record high. The other six nations which also witnessed a major increase were India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Of course, the crisis within the Eurozone meant that it was most unlikely that any European nation would witness a new high. After all, unemployment and currency issues will have dampened international tourism for many individuals throughout this powerful economic zone. Similarly, unemployment and the weak dollar in America meant that this nation was also most unlikely to reach a new high.


South Korea accounted for the highest number of tourists to Japan with just over two million visitors. However, the overall number was still down on the figure of 2010 and this will be based on internal issues, the won and yen rate and the territorial spat with Japan will not have helped. Despite this, it is hoped that regional economic issues will witness a spurt in Northeast Asia and that greater regional diplomacy will ease tensions. After all, the soft power of Japan and South Korea are both extremely attractive – and the growing awareness of issues related to this is growing in both nations.


Japan is hoping to top the ten million mark in 2013 but anything over the nine million mark will be a bonus because the global economy still remains weak. Of course, it is hoped that the target of ten million will be met.


Below this paragraph you have many amazing websites to click on in order to take a glimpse of stunning Japan. Of course, this list is only a partial list but these links highlight the beautiful reality of Japan alongside the rich culture and heritage of this nation. Also, the modern reality of Japan is another amazing feature and fashion in Tokyo and Osaka, and other major cities, is a wonder to behold. In truth, Japan provides so many options and for this reason all tourists to this nation will be richly rewarded for visiting this amazing country.

Lee Jay Walker provided guidance to both writers

All images taken by Modern Tokyo Times

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