Tokyo Fashion News: Fred Segal Gearing Up to Enter Japan Market in 2013

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Tokyo Fashion News: Fred Segal Gearing Up to Enter Japan Market in 2013

Hiroshi Saito and Michel Lebon

Modern Tokyo Times

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The dynamics of Tokyo fashion will witness the first Fred Segal flagship store in 2013 and in time this brand will spread to other powerful cities throughout Japan, providing everything goes to plan. If you visit the backstreets of Harajuku, Ikebukuro and Omotesando, then you will witness a vibrant America fashion “street scene.” Similarly, in the Omotesando Hills shopping complex you will find delightful quality American fashion companies like Tracy Reese. Therefore, the vibrant nature of Fred Segal will certainly suit the fashion vibes of trendy Tokyo.

Fred Segal will enter the enormous Japanese fashion market through Mark Styler after a major agreement was signed last year. Mitsubishi fashion will also be involved in important areas like manufacturing the trendy products of Fred Segal. Despite this, the main headquarters in America will still control the vetting area. The combination of all the above should create a smooth landing for Fred Segal in Tokyo.

On the Retail Facility Business website it is stated that “Sandow and Mark Styler Co. Ltd have formed a long term partnership to launch iconic retail lifestyle brand Fred Segal in Japan starting in 2013….a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corp., will manufacture Fred Segal-branded product for distribution in the Japanese market. This deal marks the first time in more than 50 years that the Fred Segal name has been used outside of its original Los Angeles locations.”

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The fashion vibes of Southern California are deeply ingrained within all major trendy cities in Japan. Likewise, the powerful image of Los Angeles is extremely powerful internationally. When this reality is fused with the Fred Segal brand reality, then clearly this new venture looks extremely promising.

In another article by Modern Tokyo Times about Fred Segal it was stated that “It is known that Fred Segal will provide a delightful mix of luxury products and new unique vibes which will appeal to shoppers. Merchandise will also be based on Fred Segal merchandise and independent brands. This approach will be appreciated by fashion and lifestyle lovers in Tokyo. More than likely, Osaka will soon be on the minds of Fred Segal because this city is blessed with so many trendy areas.”

Sandow also stated about the Japanese fashion and lifestyle market that “Part of our strategy was to expand the Fred Segal brand internationally. The Japanese level of sophistication when it comes to fashion/lifestyle brands, coupled with their understanding and appreciation for the authenticity and appeal of Fred Segal, made us focus on this market first.”

It is also known that the Fred Segal brand will expand within America by focusing on special cities which will enhance the outreach of this company. This means that this brand will soon focus on Las Vegas, Miami and the delightful vibes of New York. Therefore, these are exciting times for the Fred Segal brand in America and Japan. Also, it is clear that this initial expansion will be a stepping stone to even more grand plans in the future providing all the pieces fit smoothly together.

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