Tokyo Fashion News: Young Ladies and their Fashion Vibes in Daikanyama

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Tokyo Fashion News: Young Ladies and their Fashion Vibes in Daikanyama

Sarah Deschamps and Kanako Itamae

Modern Tokyo Times


The streets of Tokyo are famous for fashion and the mixture of Japanese and international boutiques, makes this delightful mega-city a hot-bed for fashion lovers. The district of Daikanyama is also blessed by its closeness to Shibuya, Ebisu, Hiroo, Nakameguro, and Jiyugaoka; because each district is known for fashion and the power of Shibuya for young ladies is internationally famous. Therefore, this survey of 150 young ladies, which is based on people in the age group of 17 to 26, is meant to highlight the latest fashion trends and the amazing diversity of Tokyo fashion.


In past fashion surveys by Modern Tokyo Times it became abundantly clear that certain department stores had huge pulling power, related to the closeness of the respective store to the fashion district where the survey was taken. However, in each survey Lumine Department Store did well irrespective of where the location was and if no store in the area of the survey. While other department stores were selected based on the proximity of where the survey was taken.


Likewise, many boutiques had bias related to where the respective surveys were taken but for other boutiques the location wasn’t detrimental because they were still selected highly within the survey. This highlights many important findings because each individual selected adores fashion and spends a lot of money on the latest fashion trends. Also, with so many different boutiques being selected then it shows the diversity of fashion in Tokyo and some of the more famous brands haven’t featured. Likewise, some of the more experimental and famous Japanese boutiques also haven’t been highlighted within the surveys, even when the respective survey was taken “in their own backyard.”


The fashion scene in Daikanyama is known for being a place where you have adorable boutiques and where the fashion conscious in Tokyo like to visit. This is based on the richness of the entire area because you have so many fashionable districts within easy reach of each other.


Therefore, by solely focusing on young ladies who adore the fashion vibes of Daikanyama, it was clear that this sophisticated area would provide some new angles and throw up different names when it came to the most highly selected boutiques.  In total, this is the fifth survey by Modern Tokyo Times and while Daikanyama was in a previous survey along with Jiyugaoka, this survey was purely based on the Daikanyama angle. Also, the age range was younger in this survey (17 to 26 years of age range group).


When it came to the most popular department stores then Lumine once more did well because this company was selected second behind Laforet Harajuku. It is important to note that Lumine isn’t based in districts which are in easy reach from Daikanyama and this bodes well for this elegant department store. Also, Laforet Harajuku can take great satisfaction in the pulling power of this internationally famous department store.


Shibuya 109 and Parco came next and this is the second time that Parco did so well in the surveys taken by Modern Tokyo Times. It is good to know that this company is highly thought about because you have many interesting boutiques in Parco. Meanwhile, Shibuya 109 is equally famous internationally along with Laforet Harajuku and this store remains to be a huge pulling power for trendy young adults and rightly so. Other department stores selected include Atre which is based in Ebisu and clearly the sophistication of this exquisite department store is appreciated by females in Tokyo who adore fashion. Also, Mylord was selected for the first time and this trendy fashion company is owned by the Odakyu group. Therefore, many department stores did well in this survey including Lumine which is another elegant and stylish department store – and the same applies to Marui which also blesses the Tokyo fashion scene.


In the first tier of fashion companies selected then Toga, American Apparel, Topshop, A.P.C., Martin Margiela, G.V.G.V. (K3 Co, Ltd), and H & M, were picked the most. The Daikanyama factor behind Martin Margiela and A.P.C. was notable because in the past Martin Margiela hadn’t been selected in the first tier before and the same applies to A.P.C. and this highlights the Daikanyama angle. However, it must be stated that Martin Margiela is internationally famous irrespective if the original creator is now distant from this company.


The second tier was very close and boutiques which were selected in this group applies to Kinsella, I am I, Cosmic Wonder, Marimekko, Otoe, Sister, Zara, Jeanasis, Frapbois, Bubbles, Comme Des Garcons, Opening Ceremony, Ne-net, and Snidel. Just behind this tier were countless numbers of boutiques and the partial list includes Mercury Duo, Mina Perhonen, Beams, Free’s Shop, Cecil McBee, Yves Saint Laurent, Laguna Moon, Spick and Span, Ingni, Lowry’s Farm, Forever 21, Gucci, Deicy, Rienda, Louis Vuitton, Ships, Egoist, United Arrows, Zucca, Rose Bud, Limi Feu, Bulle de Savon, Grimoire, Liz Lisa, Sly, Adam et Rope, Marios Schwab, Tomorrowland, Hypnotique, Nomine, Nano Universe, Loungedress, Mark Jacobs, Earth Music & Ecology, Tsumori Chisato, Vivre, Lip Service, Smacky Glam (SmackyGlam), Polka dot Soielle, D’issy, Heather, Betsey Johnson, l’atelier du Savon, Urban Research, Aquagirl, Loveless, Dazzlin, Itimi, Ragtag, Vivienne Westwood, Emoda, Theory, Moussy, Miu Miu, Lyla, Murua, Croon A Song, Another Edition, Majestic Legion, Gilet, RNA-N, Paille d`or, Jouetie, E Hyphen World Gallery, and many others.


Overall, the ladies interviewed in this survey in Daikanyama highlight the adorable diversity of fashion tastes in buzzing Tokyo. This survey was also the most diverse when it came to favorite boutiques being selected.

Lee Jay Walker gave guidance to both writers

Boutiques (small selection) 

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