Tokyo Tourism and Mount Takao-san: Stunning Nature Enhanches the Lifestyle in Tokyo

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Tokyo Tourism and Mount Takao-san: Stunning Nature Enhances the Lifestyle in Tokyo

Michel Lebon and Tomoko Hara

Modern Tokyo Times


Mount Takao-san is a welcome retreat from the stresses of modern life for Tokyoites and internal and international tourists also visit this stunning part of Tokyo. Indeed, it is amazing to think that such a mountain range exists in the ultra-modern city of Tokyo because the reality of Mount Takao-san is a million miles away from the buzzing fashion districts of Ginza, Harajuku, Ikebukuro, Shibuya, and Shinjuku. However, just like the individualism of Odaiba in Tokyo, you also have a stunning mountain range on the edge of this amazing mega city.


The stunning scenery of Mount Takao-san contrasts massively with the buzzing fashion districts of Tokyo and the economic powerhouse of areas like Nihonbashi and Maranouchi. Yet this is the beauty of Tokyo because this ultra-modern city is extremely diverse and this fact enhances the lifestyle of this wonderful city for all Tokyoites who adore nature. Therefore, Mount Takao-san and the stunning gardens which can be found throughout Tokyo, enables a lovely blend to exist providing individuals are open to refresh themselves by utilizing sublime nature.


Also, the religious dimension of Mount Takao-san is extremely intriguing because during your exploration of this stunning mountain range you will find many religious places of worship. The natural fusion of Shintoism and nature goes hand in hand and the influence of this religious faith on aspects of Japanese Buddhism, irrespective of sect, can be felt in magical places like Mount Takao-san. Indeed, while aspects of Buddhism became associated with the elites in Japan, the natural flow of Shintoism belongs to all nationals in Japan providing they are open to let the faith within the soul.


Therefore, the cultural and religious dimension of Mount Takao-san is extremely rich and the natural flow of faith with the stunning scenery is a wonder to behold. The architecture is also appealing because the natural synergy creates a lovely feeling for all visitors to this stunning part of Tokyo.


During your visit to Mount Takao-san you will see Tokyoites and tourists soaking up the lovely atmosphere of this beautiful mountain range. Therefore, you will see a rich mixture of people enjoying themselves. This applies to romantic couples, individuals enjoying a quiet moment, friends enjoying quality time, group tours, nature lovers, photographers, religious people praying, families enjoying a special day out, Tokyoites escaping the stresses of life, individuals reliving their childhood, and a host of other factors.


The changing seasons are also extremely striking in Japan and the mystery of the religious dimension is most rewarding. This means that Tokyoites, who have the luxury to visit Mount Takao-san throughout the year, can witness the changing seasons. Therefore, each visit to this beautiful part of Tokyo will provide a new dimension and for photographers and artists, it is clear that Mount Takao-san is a paradise for individuals with an artistic nature.


From a cultural and historical point of view it is clear that this mountain range is important. This applies to Emperor Shomu who ordered the building of Yakou-in Temple. Therefore, this temple can trace itself back to 744 when this request was made by Emperor Shomu. Since this time countless numbers of religious pilgrims and non-religious individuals, have visited Mount Takao-san in order to connect with the rich cultural legacy of the past.


In another article about Mount Takao-san by Modern Tokyo Times it was commented that “During your visit you will see a statue of “Tengu” and Tengu is believed to be a deified man who mastered ancient mountain worship. Tengu is noticeable by having a long nose but the undercurrents of ancestor worship, Shintoism, and believing in the spirit world of the mountain is striking……mythology and a wisdom now lost is symbolized by the image of Tengu.”


The richness of Tengu also shows the power of Shintoism which influenced the Buddhist concept of the deified Tengu. This applies to the image of the Tengu within Shintoism being gentle and a protector of lost children along with warning people about bad omens. In contrast, the Buddhist concept was more harsh but mellowed because of the power of Shintoism within the psyche of the culture of Japan.


Mount Takao-san is a magical place because of the stunning scenery, the richness of culture, the religious dimension and the historical legacy of Emperor Shomu. The area is protected by the Meiji no Mori Takao Quasi-National Park. Also, this mountain range highlights the amazing diversity and richness of Tokyo. Therefore, Mount Takao-san is a must place to visit because it enhances the lifestyle of Tokyoites and for tourists it is a great place to refresh yourself.   – Mount Takao-san   – Mount Takao-sanm/e/e3029.html   – Mount Takao-san

Takaosan-guchi Station via the  Keio Takao Line 

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