Israel, Syria, Hezbollah and Burgas Terrorist Attack in Bulgaria: Is Netanyahu Embarrassing Himself?

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Israel, Syria, Hezbollah and Burgas Terrorist Attack in Bulgaria: Is Netanyahu Embarrassing Himself?

Boutros Hussein and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel is clearly worried about Hezbollah in Lebanon and the power of Hamas in Gaza. Likewise, Hezbollah is worried about the policies of Israel towards their powerbase in Lebanon. However, for Netanyahu to openly violate the sovereignty of Syria and then to state publicly that Hezbollah is involved in a global terrorist plot – then one must worry about his logic given the modern day reality of Iraq and Syria. After all, the nation of Syria is facing a plethora of Sunni Islamist terrorist groups which seek to destroy this secular led nation and central forces in Iraq face the same terrorist menace.

Iraq, just like Syria, is threatened by Sunni Islamist terrorist groups which seek to destroy the powerbase of the Shia within the body politic of this nation. Terrorist groups also want to challenge the Kurds in the north of Iraq despite the majority of Kurds being Sunni. This reality highlights the intolerance within the various Islamist terrorist factions in Iraq because they view all and sundry to be enemies of their “mythical colonial caliphate.”

However, what is more than noticeable, is that in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, and other nations; that it is Sunni Islamist terrorist groups which manipulate vacuums in order to spread their terrorist modus operandi. Islamists in an array of nations also deem non-Muslims and various Muslim sects to be “infidels” and worthy of persecuting. In Afghanistan and Iraq the Shia population had experienced religious discrimination for decades. Therefore, American and Allied troops in Afghanistan and Iraq have mainly been killed by Sunni Islamist terrorist groups.

Likewise, September 11, Bali, Madrid, London, and countless other international terrorist attacks, were all done by Sunni Islamist terrorist groups. Clearly, many of the chains which are involved in using terrorism against Iraq and Syria lead all the way to the region of the Gulf. Turkey also is a conduit whereby terrorists have manipulated the geographic reality of this nation in order to spread carnage, sectarianism and terrorism against secular Syria. Similarly, in modern day Pakistan the Shia face fresh massacres all too frequently at the hands of Sunni Islamists.

According to the BBC it was reported that Netanyahu said “Hezbollah had built a ‘worldwide terrorist’ network and was planning attacks in two dozen countries.”  Of course, Netanyahu doesn’t explain why Hezbollah would kill tourists on a bus in Bulgaria. Indeed, in the same article by the BBC it also states that If Hezbollah’s involvement was proven, it would be the group’s first successful terror attack in Europe since the mid-1980s.”

The Hezbollah movement today is very different from the militancy that existed in Lebanon several decades ago. Also, with so much terrorism being directed towards Syria then why didn’t Hezbollah focus on “a real cause” aimed at enemies within the region? After all, while the terrorist attack in Burgas in Bulgaria was deadly and killed innocents; it does appear to be a “soft target” that lies outside of Hezbollah. This reality was echoed by a spokesperson for Hezbollah who stated “We will not seek revenge over the death of Imad Mughniyah by harming tourists.”  

It is reasonable to state that Iran and Israel have been involved in underhanded intrigues which have led to plots by both nations within the security apparatus of these two countries. Therefore, with Israel being highly suspected in the murky murders of several scientists from Iran based on their involvement in the nuclear program. Then Israel itself should look in the mirror and the same applies to the recent violation of the sovereignty of Syria whereby military airstrikes occurred.

In the last few decades Hezbollah became part and parcel of the political landscape of Lebanon and this reality brought new challenges to this movement. At the same time, divisions within Lebanon meant that some Christian movements moved closer to Hezbollah’s policy objectives. Lebanon, just like Syria, is a very diverse mosaic and once Hezbollah fully embroiled itself within the political institutions of this nation then a new movement emerged. Likewise, militant Christian factions which were quick to kidnap during the civil war period also moved on from their past entrenched thinking. Therefore, it is misleading for the leader of Israel to rake up the past and create the “aloofness of Burgas” and then link this with a terrorist plot internationally by Hezbollah.

If Israel wants to blacklist nations for enabling terrorism to spread to the Levant then firstly they should focus on Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey. After this, then Israel should scrutinize the enormous funding which is spreading Salafi indoctrination whereby the “terrorist shadow” often follows the same path. It must also be stated that September 11 is linked to the murky past of America, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other nations in the Gulf, which supported international jihadists in Afghanistan.

Hezbollah is a movement which is firmly entrenched within the body politics of Lebanon and takes note of the surrounding geography. Israel and Hezbollah have become involved in tic-for-tat negative policies aimed at each other based on various issues. However, linking Hezbollah within a major international terrorist plot like Netanyahu is doing is clearly not based on reality.

Nearly every day people will read about a fresh terrorist attack in Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, and in other nations; yet these terrorist attacks are mainly done by Sunni Islamist terrorist groups. Hezbollah survives in a very hostile environment because it is tenacious and dynamic irrespective if individuals support their political ambitions. Therefore, with all the Sunni terrorist attacks being aimed at the central governments of Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria; then why would Hezbollah kill tourists in Bulgaria?

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