Tokyo and Osaka Fashion News: Steven Alan and United Arrows

Tokyo and Osaka Fashion News: Steven Alan and United Arrows

Tomoko Hara and Sarah Deschamps

Modern Tokyo Times


Steven Alan will once more venture into the Japanese retail market in 2013 with the opening of three stores in Japan. Two stores will be opened in the trendy fashion districts of Shibuya and Shinjuku in Tokyo. The other store is planned for Osaka which is a mega-city in its own right. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how Steven Alan does this time in Japan.

It is known that the three stores will open through a license with the notable Beauty & Youth United Arrows. It appears that this selection was thought out wisely because of the growing reputation of Beauty & Youth United Arrows within the vibes of Japan.


Similarly, by selecting the ultra-modern cities of Tokyo and Osaka then clearly the fashion market of these two cities are enormous. Likewise, the vibes of the Japanese fashion market and latest trends are either created in Tokyo and Osaka; or new trends from other major fashion cities like Kobe soon enter the trends of Tokyo and Osaka. Therefore, Steven Alan is well placed by utilizing the strengths of Beauty & Youth United Arrows.

On the website of Jessica Iredale comments that the “Specialty retailer Steven Alan is opening three stores in Japan through a license with Beauty & Youth United Arrows in April. Two of the stores are planned for Tokyo — one in Shibuya; one in Shinjuku — with the third in Osaka. They will follow the Steven Alan’s multi-brand format and carry the Steven Alan collection, which United Arrows also holds a license to manufacture. United Arrows Ltd. is a publicly traded company established in 1989 with a specialty store and has since expanded into several different retail channels, including United Arrows Green Label, United Arrows Drawer and Youth & Beauty United Arrows, which specializes in casual merchandise and has 33 storefronts.”


Interestingly, the relationship between Steve Alan and United Arrows in Japan goes back to 1998. This applies to the fact that United Arrows was the first company in 1998 to carry the Steve Alan collection in the land of the rising son. Therefore, this augurs well for the new venture because both companies have come a long way since 1998. Also, it is clear that the United Arrows group understands the full potential of the Steve Alan collection – therefore it is hoped that 2013 will be equally rewarding for all concerned.

Steven Alan stated about the United Arrows group that “They have their own stores and their own brand with four or five different types of stores under United Arrows. They’ve promoted great designers and really understand the Japanese market.”


Meanwhile, United Arrows have announced a 4.2% increase in sales for the first month of 2013. This applies to stores and online sales and this follows on from improved sales in the last two months of 2012. Therefore, their merchandise selection is certainly meeting the vibes of fashion lovers who adore United Arrows and clearly Steven Alan is hoping to gain from this reality.

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