Tokyo Fashion News: Lumine is a Stunning Department Store

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Tokyo Fashion News: Lumine is a Stunning Department Store

Michel Lebon and Kanako Itamae

Modern Tokyo Times 


All over Tokyo and throughout Japan you have many amazing department stores which cater for fashion and other products. In Tokyo it is clear that the Lumine Department Store is highly desirable for young fashion lovers. This is because the Lumine stores throughout Tokyo are blessed with amazing boutiques which highlight quality, freshness, style, panache, and all the fine qualities you would expect from such a highly reputable company.


Lumine Department Store understands the latest trends and the need to maintain quality boutiques and attractive layouts within their respective stores. At Modern Tokyo Times the emphasis is mainly focused on female fashion in Japan but you also have many amazing stores for men at this trendy company. However, the female angle at Lumine is what is really striking because clearly the boutiques are of the highest quality and each company compliments the others because the collective angle is unbelievable. Of course, individual fashion lovers will have particular boutiques that they adore the most but at Lumine people are spoilt for choice.


This company also takes great care about where each store is based because issues related to convenience and being located in buzzing districts are equally important. The same applies to the layout of the company and how they utilize other areas in order to stay one step ahead.


The owner of Lumine is JR East and not surprisingly this company utilizes major train stations which are awash with fashion companies. For example in Tokyo you have Lumine stores in both Ikebukuro and Shinjuku. This makes perfect sense because Shinjuku is the busiest train station in Tokyo followed by Ikebukuro. Therefore, millions of people pass through both major districts in Tokyo and the fashion angle within the train station complex, and within a short distance, is extremely buzzing.


In Lumine 2 which is located in Shinjuku you have many adorable boutiques which attract so many fashion lovers. Within this store you have boutiques which include Snidel, Banner Barrett, Jewel Changes, Samantha Thavasa, Grappe Bannister (Abahouse), United Arrows, Spick and Span (FRAMeWORK), Adam et Rope, Aquagirl, LANVIN en Bleu, Moroko Bar, Anteprima/Misto, Jill Stuart, Stunning Lure, KariAng Park, Fray I.D, Borny, Blondy, Peach John The Store (lingerie), RYZA, Urban Research, Nano Universe, Alfredo Bannister, Nombre Impair, Casbah, Beaver, Liptional, Journal Standard Relume, Par ICI Klassisk, and many other amazing fashion companies.


This is the beauty of Lumine Department Store because individuals know that a visit to this company equals a visit to an amazing store which caters heavily for fashion. Therefore, you will find the latest Tokyo vibes within this company and the shopping experience means that people will return time and again because they trust the spirit of this company and their built up knowledge in the field of fashion.


If you visit Ikebukuro you will also find similar brands and of course some different companies within this Lumine Department Store. Stunning companies like SmakyGlam (Smacky Glam) and Beams, and so many more, bless this delightful store which is situated next to Tobu Department Store on the west side of Ikebukuro. Indeed, within such a short distance of the Lumine Department Store are Esola and Marui in this part of Ikebukuro. This once more highlights the care of Lumine when picking a fashion district because they understand the importance of other amazing stores – and how collectively they all bless buzzing fashion hubs within Tokyo.


In another article about Lumine by Modern Tokyo Times it was stated that “The main focus at Lumine is female fashion but just like in Lumine 2 in Shinjuku, you also have fantastic boutiques which sell stylish clothes for men. The blend at Lumine 2 is extremely elegant and with quality places to eat nearby, then people can relax and enjoy their shopping experience. Given this, Lumine is always buzzing and the care of this company in thinking about many dimensions is appreciated by shoppers who visit this stunning department store.”


“In many surveys by Modern Tokyo Times which have been done throughout different parts of Tokyo, it is abundantly clear that this company is highly valued and loved. Therefore, even when surveys were taken in places like Harajuku this company was still selected highly despite not having a base in this trendy part of Tokyo. This in itself speaks amazing volumes about this company because fashion conscious individuals fully understand the quality and choice on offer.”


Overall, this company continues to flourish and last year they opened a new store in Yurakucho which wasn’t connected to the local train station. Like usual, all care was put into planning before opening and clearly the Yurakucho and Ginza fashion districts are extremely popular. Therefore, like usual the long-term planning was clearly visible and once more you have so many adorable boutiques within the Lumine Yurakucho store. Also, the Lumine angle blesses the entire fashion area because young shoppers flock to their respective companies.


Lee Jay Walker gave support to both main writers and images taken by Modern Tokyo Times  Lumine

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