The Legend of Momotaro: Lovely App Introducing Japanese Culture to Children

The Legend of Momotaro: Lovely App Introducing Japanese Culture to Children

Laura Leiva

Modern Tokyo Times


The iPad has proved to be a resourceful tool for people of all ages and The Legend of Momotaro is a perfect example of how technology and literature come together to create a fascinating application for young children. Ghost Hand Games, LLC has created this beautiful app as a way to introduce Japanese culture and language to young, English speaking children through the heroic fairytale of Momotaro.

Winner of such accolades as Best Apps for Kids Editor’s Choice, Best of 2012 iPad Book App by Kirkus Reviews and Critic’s Choice by Kirkus, The Legend of Momotaro features interactive options for children to learn Japanese words and culture. Crisp illustrations, clear audio effects and touchscreen capabilities surely entertain and educate children all at the same time. There are two ways in which to enjoy The Legend of Momotaro – parents or children either may read the story themselves with the easy scrolling function or may follow along with authentic narration, which brings the story to life. As the story progresses, illustrations move within the narrative to complement the text and sound effects engage readers in the story.


Throughout each page, there are dozens of hidden surprises for children to discover along the way. As a child reads, they are encouraged to tap a range of objects within the story, which provides additional learning – this innovative feature allows children to touch familiar objects within the fairytale to learn the equivalent Japanese word or Japanese kanji. Shaking the iPad gently releases dozens of hidden objects for children to explore during the story.

The Legend of Momotaro tells of a fairytale in which an old married couple who never had children wishes they had the one thing that would make their life complete, a child. One day, as the old woman is doing laundry by the river, a large peach begins to float past her and she desperately wants the peach because it would make many delicious meals. As it floats away, she creates a poem to will the peach back – and it floats against the tide back to her. After taking the peach home, she waits until the old man is back and they begin to slice the peach open, only to discover there is a small child inside.


The small child grows up into a special boy, respected and loved by all in the land. One day, a squirrel tells him that ogres are pillaging villages and taking everything from the residents and Momotaro knows he needs to stop the ogres. He leaves home to go on a journey to the remote villages, and along the way meets special friends who will help him defeat the ogres. Momotaro and his friends defeat the ogres and obtain all of the gold and belongings of the villagers to return to them.

The Legend of Momotaro is educating and entertaining all at once. Beautiful images and hidden objects will provide hours of exploring and reading for children. The app is reasonably priced and an ideal application for any iPad or iPad mini. Ghost Hand Games on Twitter


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