Islamists Kill Many Shia Muslims in Pakistan and Iraq: Afghanistan to Destabilization of Syria

Islamists Kill Many Shia Muslims in Pakistan and Iraq: Afghanistan to Destabilization of Syria

Helmet Joachim Schmidt and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


Sadly, it was yet another bloody week for the Shia of Iraq and Pakistan because Sunni Islamists slaughtered many innocents once more. It is clear that neither nation can contain the forces of sectarianism and terrorism because clearly vast areas are outside the control of central forces. Also, the ongoing instability in Afghanistan and Syria is aiding the Sunni Islamist terrorist cause. Therefore, real measures need to be taken to cut off the financial rat lines, areas of indoctrination emanating from Islamist schools, clamping down on Islamist clerics which are espousing hatred, preventing rogue charities from becoming “indoctrination fronts” and highlighting the various root causes.

Outside nations like France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are clearly meddling negatively within the internal affairs of Syria. Meanwhile, the role of America, other Gulf nations and the United Kingdom are also very murky when it comes to Syria. Indeed, the United Kingdom and France are still trying to peddle the need to send military arms openly to opposition forces by claiming to regulate the flow of military hardware to so-called “moderate forces.” Of course, this is impossible to achieve because it is masking the reality that the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and various Islamist terrorist groups work in tandem. Also, you have “no moderate forces” to support. After all, the FSA and various Islamist factions have beheaded people, cleansed minorities, destroyed the infrastructure and done countless terrorist attacks throughout Syria.

It doesn’t take a genius to understand that failed states become fertile ground for Islamist terrorists. The crisis in Afghanistan goes back more than forty years when nations like America, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, and several nations in the Gulf, began to support various Islamist factions in Afghanistan. Since this period women have become “shadows” throughout Afghanistan and blowback for Pakistan is enormous. This reality means that the armed forces of Pakistan are openly fighting their former friends and even today you have many murky dealings between echelons within central forces in this nation and the torchbearers of terrorism.

The 1980s and early 1990s in Afghanistan not only witnessed fighting between Islamist factions and communist forces but it also gave a new lease of life for anti-Shia sectarian forces to grow. Therefore, in time the indoctrination of Islamist schools in Pakistan would unleash chaos within Afghanistan, Pakistan and against the Shia and other religious minorities throughout a vast area. Nationalist forces would also widen the divisions even further. Despite this, the US led invasion of Iraq went ahead without learning anything from the reality of Afghanistan with the upshot being terrorism and sectarianism.

More recently, the destabilization of Syria began by the usual players in the West and throughout the Gulf region – and this time Turkey would also fully participate in the “axis of chaos.” The failed states of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya were ignored alongside the spreading of chaos to neighboring nations of the original man made instability. This applies to the ongoing crisis in Pakistan, the destabilization of Mali, terrorist ratlines in Tunisia and providing terrorists with ample opportunities to spread mayhem to other nations like Algeria (recent hostage crisis).

In recent months in Iraq it is clear that the destabilization of Syria is reinvigorating sectarian forces once more in this nation. Likewise, parts of Lebanon are becoming even more divided and Jordan is watching events very carefully given the internal situation of this nation. Therefore, terrorism, sectarianism and the spread of vast areas of chaos is growing because of outside nations which are too quick to destabilize others and then to forget about the carnage which follows.

This reality means that the Shia community in Iraq and Pakistan face daily threats and in Syria all minority groups reside in fear alongside all individuals which support the government of this nation. Indeed, in Syria several Sunni Muslim leaders have been killed by Islamist militants because of their moderation and because they desire to maintain the rich mosaic of Syria.

The recent terrorist attacks in Iraq and Pakistan are a clear reminder that once the “Islamist sectarian angle” is unleashed then it is very difficult to contain. Political leaders in Syria have repeatedly stated this but sadly Gulf nations and Turkey have been given the “green light” by major Western powers to continue to destabilize Syria. Therefore, the terrorist angle is growing in Syria and the convulsions are being felt in other nations like Iraq, Lebanon, and Tunisia.

In relation to the recent terrorist attack in Pakistan which killed at least 84 people the BBC states that “The attack was the second highly destructive bombing in Quetta in the space of a month. In January bombers targeted a snooker hall in the city, killing some 90 people…Another bomb at a Shia mosque earlier in February killed 24 people, raising the Shia death toll to more than 200 in less than two months of 2013, according to reports.

Meanwhile, the latest terrorist attacks in several parts of Iraq were aimed at the Shia and once more the blood was flowing. Fars News Agency comments that “The Iranian Foreign Ministry deplored the recent terrorist attacks in Iraq which have killed dozens of innocent people, and said such acts of terror have targeted the country’s unity and stability.”

“Such acts are the continuation of the hostilities of the streams which have targeted the independence, unity, peace and stability of Iraq,” Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehman-Parast said in a statement on Monday.”  

It is clear that the next sectarian terrorist attack in Iraq and Pakistan are only around the corner and likewise for Syria. In Afghanistan the Islamist insurgency shows no sign of stopping and clearly America, and other nations which helped to spread the chaos, now want to distance themselves. Yet in Syria the same forces which unleashed the chaos in Afghanistan more than forty years ago – before fighting the same forces they helped to unleash – have either learnt nothing, or the same Western powers and Gulf nations thrive on destabilization because they have collectively done the same to Syria.

If you look at a world map then you have vast areas of chaos and instability caused by major Western powers and nations in the Gulf. Turkey is now fully within this “axis of chaos” because this nation is the main terrorist conduit and supply of military arms to various terrorist groups in Syria. At the same time the Islamist indoctrination angle continues to flourish alongside the channel of funding from major players, organizations and wealthy individuals. Therefore, the blood continues to flow in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Syria.

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