Japan Fashion News: Baroque Japan attracts major Chinese investment

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Japan Fashion News: Baroque Japan attracts major Chinese investment

Tomoko Hara and Sarah Deschamps

Modern Tokyo Times


Baroque Japan is a powerful fashion company in Japan because of brands like Moussy, Shel’tter, Sly, Rodeo Crowns, Black by Moussy, Lilidia, Avan Lily, Enfold and Rienda. Especially adored by younger Japanese ladies this fashion company increasingly expanded its catchment area based on the diversity of their brands. Not surprisingly, attracting major investment wasn’t difficult therefore two Hong Kong based companies stepped in once CLSA decided to sell its stake in Baroque Japan.

Last year Baroque Japan implemented an internal policy named “the start of its Global Era” which was aimed at expanding internationally. Naturally, China was the first major focus given the growing economic nature of this country and based on geographic factors. By April this year Baroque Japan had 348 stores mainly located in Japan but with expansion now also incorporating China and Hong Kong.

In the internationally famous Harajuku district Baroque Japan opened The Shel’tter Tokyo store in this buzzing part of Tokyo. This global flagship store opened in April last year in a prime location in Harajuku. The visibility angle behind the strategic expansion policies of Baroque Japan is clear for all to see.

Equally important, their fashion does the talking because their brands are extremely hip and stylish. This is based on Baroque Japan knowing the market that they are focused on and keeping one step ahead by selling fashion products which hit the right tunes for many Japanese ladies.


Therefore, when a new opening materialized for attracting new investment, then Chinese companies decided on partaking in Baroque Japan. The EURObiZ Japan reports that “For Belle International, Baroque is the key to a longstanding ambition to expand beyond footwear into apparel and accessories while continuing to exploit the Japanese shoe market. Bello International owns mid-range brands like Staccato, Joy & Peace and Millie’s….It is already a huge company, with 20% to 25% share of the market for women’s shoes in China.”

Chinese investment from Belle International and CDH means that Baroque Japan can exploit newly acquired capital, distribution centers throughout China and other important areas related to business. Likewise, Belle International and CDH can benefit from the enormous Japanese market where fashion is in huge demand. Naturally, the new venture appears to be a win-win choice providing the corporate cultures of all involved focus on their respective strengths.



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