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Ads are placed according to MTT`s ad layout for its web site. Requests for special positioning of ads on MTT`s web site will be accepted at a surcharge of 10% of the earned rate for each of the ads involved, subject to mechanical production requirements for its web site. Special discounts are given during monthly advertisement campaigns.

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About Modern Tokyo Times

Modern Tokyo Times (“MTT”) is an international e-journal and interactive, online service that provides up-to-date news analysis of past, present, and future events concerning Tokyo, Japan, and global areas.

MTT’s current readership number stands at 500,000 readers, and continues to increase daily. MTT readers are comprised of high-level income earners, post-doctoral graduates, business professionals and executives, government officials, diplomats, foreign expats (working and residing in Japan), and much, much more! Our global readership coverage includes, but is not limited to, East Africa, Ethiopia, North Africa, Central Asia, China, Northeast Asia, Oceania, Southeast Asia, the Balkans, Caucasus, the European Union, the Russian Federation, the Ukraine, the Middle East, India, the United States, Canada, England, Australia, North America, and South America.

Our international relationship list includes: Investigative Project on Terrorism, The Jamestown Foundation, The Heritage Foundation, International Crisis Group, Toshidama Gallery, ETaiwannews, The Seoul Times, The Children’s Rights Council of JapanPakistan Christian Post, Serbianna, American Institute in Ukraine, and many others.


Your Op-Ed, Letter to the Editor, Photo Submission, and/or Story Ideas will be examined by our editorial team, who will decide on its suitability for publication on the MTT web site. Due to the number of submissions received, we cannot guarantee that your submission will be used, and reserve the right to edit your submission, if applicable. Please do not send to us any submission if you do not adhere to this legal policy and our terms of services.


If you would like to submit to us an Op-Ed, please send to us your opinion piece that is no more than 1,500 words. Opinion pieces must include your official title (e.g., ambassador, attaché, CEO, dean, founder, headmaster, headmistress, minister or secretary, president or prime minister, etc.) and must not have been published in other magazines, newspapers, or web sites.


Letters to the editor should be 500 words or less and should comment on something in Tokyo, Japan, or global. Your letter to the editor must include your full name, city, country, and a way for us to contact you via e-mail or mail. We reserve the right to edit your letter for length and clarity.


MTT wants ALL of our readers to be a part of the news. If you have a newsworthy photo of a person, place, or thing (especially in Tokyo, Japan, or any part of the world), feel free to send it to us.

Photo Submission Specs:

  1. Images must be RGB JPG or PNG format only
  2. You must own the full copyright to any image you submit to us. This means you must be the photographer or artist that created the photo or image. Do not send to us a photo or image that is copyrighted by somebody else. If you do, legal action will be taken against you.
  3. All trademarks must be removed. This includes logos, brands and entities with copyright or trademarked elements. Copyright is checked with each file.
  4. File sizes: All files should be 1200 x 1600 pixels, 300dpi minimum (anything smaller will be automatically rejected).
  5. Model releases: Images with clearly visible people require a model release form for legal reasons. A legal guardian or parent must sign for all children under the age of 18 years.


Many of our best articles come from our readers and we welcome your story ideas. Have a story you would like to share with us or tell us about? Let our editorial team decide if your story is newsworthy or not. We love to hear from our readers!

Modern Tokyo Times (“MTT”) is an e-journal and interactive on-line service operated by MTT Publishing. Our primary mission is:

To provide alternative news analysis of past, present, and probable future events that will inform and equip individuals, groups and organizations to better realize their own goals;

To provide consulting services to those who need direct assistance in using the information to best promote their own mission and vision, whether it be in the fields of international cooperation and peacemaking, business, foreign investment analysis, human rights, green energy development, security, or any number of other related concerns.


Pass along your question, comment, suggestion, and/or news tip. Our worldwide office is open 24-hours, 7 days a week reporting the news.

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