Re-Publish MTT Articles

How to Republish MTT Content:

Modern Tokyo Times (“MTT”) articles are available for re-publishing and licensing to professional magazines, newspapers, periodicals, websites, blogs and other forms of publications. At MTT, we make it easy for you to re-publish our articles.

Reprint permission:

Professional magazines, newspapers, periodicals, websites, blogs, and other forms of publications are welcome to re-publish MTT articles and graphics unchanged, with attribution and a disclosure statement that reads as follows: “Modern Tokyo Times (“MTT”) is an e-journal and interactive on-line service operated by White & Leejay Publishing (“White & Leejay”).

You must credit MTT, White & Leejay Publishing, and the respective author as the original source for any MTT original content or articles you use, but not in a way that suggests that we endorse you or your use of our work. You must provide a web link in one of the following formats along with the re-published article(s):


In the event that third-party materials or articles are published on the MTT web site, you must obtain direct permission from the third-party author or publisher in order to re-publish their materials and/or articles published on our web site.

For questions and/or comments regarding our re-publishing policy, please contact